Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language

Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language will have you speaking your new language in no time. The book explores all the important topics: active and passive learning, mastering a different alphabet, using recorded material, planning your own immersion program, making effective use of the internet and much more. It includes special advice for school and university students. This is the fun way to learn a language.

Bill Handley is the author of the best-selling books Teach Your Children Tables, Speed Mathematics and Speed Maths For Kids. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is recognised internationally as an authority on teaching and study methods. He lectures regularly to educators and teachers, and his methods have achieved astonishing results in schools worldwide.

For AUD$19.95, plus postage, ($5 postage if ordered in Australia, $15 outside Australia) this book is a great investment for anyone who wants or needs to learn a language. Click here for order form.

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  • Visit my Language Page - How to learn a language the fast, easy way. You will find more information on websites and other useful information to help you find language resources on the Internet.

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  • Read how Bill Handley became addicted to learning languages before he even started school.

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