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This page is in the early stages of construction.

This page is primarily for readers of my book, Fast, Easy Way to Learn a Language but can be enjoyed by anyone who needs to learn a language or loves learning foreign languages. I will be posting new information on a regular basis so visit from time to time to find new information and new links to useful websites.

In my book, I tell how I was fascinated with the idea of learning foreign languages from the age of three or four. I persuaded two girls who lived next door to teach me French before I could read or write. The girls were learning French at school and enjoyed playing school with me. I used to ask my father to read the written notes they gave me but his pronunciation was nothing like what they had told me.

You can read my story at this link. This information was used as the basis for the introduction for my book.

Here is the best link in Australia to order Assimil language courses. Le Forum has a great selection of French language books including Tintin and Asterix as well as a range of Assimil language programs at a very good price. You can telephone them at (08) 9335 5730 or visit their website. Visit their website and download their catalogue for more details.

Here is a link to a website which has thousands of text files in many languages. Many of the text files have an audio file with the story read by a native speaker. The site is http://www.wordtheque.com. I recommend you check it out.

Languages on the Web has moved to this address: http://www.lonweb.org/ It has a wealth of information for learners of most languages. The dual language stories are easy practice and a great, fun way to improve your skills.

Nodtronics supply inexpensive introductory learning programs as well as more comprehensive language programs for more than 70 languages. Visit their website at http://www.nodtronics.com.au These are computer programs suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. Their Eureka Language programs are excellent. You can play the audio at four different speeds, ranging from one word at a time to normal conversation speed, and you can click on each word for a complete analysis. Check their website for full details.

Download my page on rules for learning a foreign language as taken from my book by right clicking the link and select "save as". This is an Acrobat file. Click here.

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