Two Hours' Study in Ten Minutes

How would you like to be able to - You can, with the Two Hours' Study in Ten Minutes audio course. The 12 lessons are downloaded on a USB flash drive. If you are a student, in business, or in any position where you need to be able to learn quickly and understand what you learn, you need this course.

Imagine beginning a new job, or being transferred to a new department, and learning what normally takes the newcomer two or three months to learn, in one or two weeks.

Imagine completing your study assignments while you are waiting in the check-out line at the supermarket, sitting in the bath tub, waiting at the bus stop, and accomplishing more than your colleagues who are sitting up half the night.

Imagine walking into an exam room and knowing you won't freeze in the test, that you are capable of getting a perfect score.

What we offer is not a vague promise for the future. The day you begin the course you will be doing things you now consider impossible. What you learn in the course today, you can put into practice tomorrow, on the job or in the classroom. You will be applying the methods while you listen to the tapes and read the handbook. You will know the methods are working. One student commented, "it's so simple, it's a wonder everyone doesn't think of it."

You learn the methods and use them as you listen to the mp3s. You will actually learn information from textbooks as you listen to the course. The methods can be used immediately but, of course, you will improve with time and practice.

In practice, the time spent playing through the course is more than made up over the next day or so.

The methods are simple and logical -- they make sense. The methods teach you how to memorise information without parroting it. The methods force you to analyze and summarise the information. You understand what you learn. You can recall the information when you need it -- even under pressure.

The material covers: Learning information in sequence, improving concentration, active and passive learning, memorising numbers made easy, short and long term memory, creative and lateral thinking, memorising information under headings and sub-headings, how to speak without notes, overcoming examination nerves, learning foreign languages, word for word memorisation, understanding what you read.

$95.00 plus postage ($18.00 within Australia, $50 airmail outside Australia)

Or $160 if ordered with Fun Learning , plus postage ($18.00 within Australia, $50 airmail outside Australia)

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