Fun Learning

If you can daydream, you are capable of intense concentration.

The whole family will enjoy this program designed for children. The twelve lesson course is downloaded on a USB flash drive and will demonstrate how learning can be fun - young children will actually beg to be given something to learn so they can play with the fun strategies. And because they see results within minutes of beginning the program, the motivation level is high.

The course teaches children how to learn effectively and efficiently. Even young children will be analysing and summarising information. The methods enable them to understand the information better, and force a high level of concentration. The methods develop creative thinking and problem solving skills. Children learn to organize their ideas and to express them logically. They can recall the information when they need it - even under pressure.

The course covers: memorising ideas and information, memorising correct spelling, word for word memorisation, learning foreign languages, creating ideas for essays and talks, recalling information under pressure, generating ideas, stunts and games.

$95.00 plus postage ($18.00 within Australia, $50 airmail outside Australia)

Or $160 if ordered with Two Hours' Study in Ten Minutes, plus postage ($18.00 within Australia, $50 airmail outside Australia)

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