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New Book, Speed Learning For Kids

My new book has just been released. I think Wiley have done an excellent job with the book. We have already had feedback from a university student who says she found it helpful and fun to use. People can't believe they are able to use the methods immediately for astonishing results. Students of all ages love the methods and love to show off their new abilities.

Spanish Release of Teach Your Children Tables

A Spanish translation of Teach Your Children Tables has been released as An Easy Method of Multiplication and Mental Calculation. That is my rough translation of Metodo simplificado de multiplicacion y calulo mental. (I apologise for the lack of accents on the letters,)

I like the Spanish title better as I think it reflects the contents of the book better than the English. The translators did an excellent job. I have often said the translations might be better than the original. In this case the translators changed puzzles and problems involving English words to similar puzzles in Spanish. I recommend the book to our Spanish speaking readers. The book is published by Limusa and you can find it at I found it with a search for Handley as author.

Korean Release of Speed Maths For Kids

I recently received copies of the Korean version of my book, Speed Maths For Kids. I love it!

I call it a version rather than a translation. It is in two volumes and treats the book with humour and enthusiasm. It is colourful and is partly in comicbook form. It has me as a super hero flying around in a cape. I can't read a word of Korean but I can see that the diagrams and explanations of the methods are extremely clear. This is one case where the translation is better than the original. I am sure it will do well in Korea.

You can find it (with excerpts) at

Free Information Evenings for Schools

I am currently organising Information Evenings for teachers, parents and students for schools in the Melbourne area. More information soon, or telephone me at (03) 9725 9756.

Now, some of the older news since the web articles.

In 2003 I appeared on Today Tonight, a national current affairs program in Australia, featuring my mathematical processes as taught in schools.

As a result, every copy of the book, Speed Mathematics, was sold out within hours the next morning. The book went to number one on the Australian non-fiction best-selling list.

Several months later I travelled to America and Canada for the American release of my book. I was invited to appear on Urban Rush in Vancouver BC. This program has a cult following among university students and the math demonstration captured attention. As a result of the success of the segment, I was invited to appear on the Vicki Gabereau Show which runs on the same network. Vicki Gabereau is the Canadian equivalent to Oprah.

We got thousands of hit on our web site and emails but, unfortunately, the publishers weren't well prepared and the bookstores knew nothing about the book. Six months later Vicki Gabereau had a special program with the best segments for the season and they showed my segment again with the same result.

We won the award for the Homeschooling Parent best mathematics resource for home schoolers in 2005. I recommend the Maths Pack for parents who are either homeschooling their children or simply helping their children at home after school.

School boards and universities across North America and Europe are promoting my books and have them in their libraries. My books are now printed in five languages. I enjoy reading my book in Russian and Indonesian but I am especially impressed by the Korean version of Speed Maths For Kids. It is way better than the original. It comes out in two volumes and is full of colour diagrams, pictures and comic strips to illustrate the points. I can't read a word of Korean but I can recognise superior diagrams and explanations. I love it. I would love the book to be translated back into English.

I have digitally remastered the tapes for Two Hours' Study in Ten Minutes and Fun Learning and converted them to CDs. The courses are available separately or as a pair for a discount.

Succeed With a Powerful Memory has been transferred to CDs as well.

I am currently working on several projects. I have been converting the cassette programs to CDs, I am currently writing two books, and I am working on a project which should help a lot of people. More about this soon.

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