Succeed With a Powerful Memory

Imagine beginning a new job, or being transferred to a new department, and learning what normally takes the newcomer two or three months to learn, in one or two weeks.

Would it help you to be able to speak without notes, to recall information under pressure and overcome speaker's nerves? To remember people's names, to learn your job in a fraction of the usual time.

Learning Unlimited Australia has produced material to teach you how to retain information as you receive it. You practise with training sessions on selling, negotiating, coping with difficult people, time management and goal-setting. You will learn to speak without notes, able to quote facts and figures from the top of your head. You will learn what to do if your mind goes blank in the middle of a presentation. You will not only memorise negotiating gambits, and how to use them, but you will strengthen your position if you can give arguments, and repeat others' arguments, without notes.

The course covers: Memorising numbers, (telephone numbers, dates, quantities, specifications, tolerances, etc.) a mental filing system to memorise points and arguments as they are made, memorising information in and out of sequence, curing absent-mindedness, memorising a schedule.

The six CDs and a reference manual will teach you how to present yourself as being outstanding in your field. This is an investment that will repay you for the rest of your life.

$195.00 plus postage ($20.00 within Australia, $50 airmail outside Australia)

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