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If you enjoyed Speed Mathematics, you will love Speed Maths For Kids. The book could be called Fun With Speed Mathematics. It is written for children, teachers, parents, home-schoolers, and anyone with an interest in mathematics or who would like to improve their performance and understanding of mathematics. Speed Maths For Kids teaches easy strategies for learning multiplication tables- students master the basic multiplication tables in one lesson. The book features easy methods of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and easy methods for checking answers. Speed Maths For Kids not only teaches what to do, but how to do it- it teaches you what to say inside your head. It plays and experiments with the methods taught in Speed Mathematics. This book is essential reading for teachers and student teachers. It teaches how to explain principles of mathematics. These methods will change the way mathematics is taught around the world.

It covers:

Easy multiplication. Multiply numbers like 96 times 97 in your head faster than your friends can tap the numbers into a calculator.

Easy addition and subtraction

An easy method to check your answers

Positive and negative numbers

Fractions made easy

Use the methods in the classroom

Casting out nines with negative substitutes

How to learn from textbooks

Play with the Speed Maths methods

For $19.95, plus postage. ($7.00 postage if ordered in Australia, $15 the rest of the world) This book is a great investment for your future and the future of your children.

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