Teach the Multiplication Tables in 30 Minutes
up to the 20 times tables

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Teach Your Children Tables 3rd edition

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The author, Bill Handley, has published his incredible methods for teaching basic mathematics in book form. His book has only been released for a few months, but is already being used by teachers in Canada and the USA, Australia and Asia.
This book is great for students, parents, teachers, in fact, anyone who enjoys working with numbers and anyone who is terrified of numbers. Home schoolers definitely need a copy of this inexpensive paperback.

It covers:

Easy multiplication. Multiply numbers like 96 times 97 in your head faster than your friends can tap the numbers into a calculator.

Easy addition and subtraction

An easy method to check your answers

Positive and negative numbers

Fun mathematical shortcuts.

Factors that determine intelligence.

Logical thinking and problem solving

Strategies for problem solving.

How to solve alphametic puzzles and develop an understanding of how numbers work.

An easy method of direct multiplication.

For $22.95, plus postage. ($7.00 postage if ordered in Australia, $15 the rest of the world) This book is a great investment for your future and the future of your children.

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